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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Very Simple Chicken Porridge (Indonesian Style) // Bubur Ayam Gampang

Serve: 2

2 pieces       Chicken Upper thigh
1 cup           Rice (any kind of rice available. I used Basmati Rice)

2 Cloves      Garlic - crushed
1 small         Onion
2 stalk         Spring Onion
1 tbsp          Butter - or you can just use oil
1 tsp            Ground Black Pepper

400ml          water
Salt as desired

Indonesian Sweet Soy sauce as desired

Make the Chicken Stock:
Boil chicken. Add garlic, salt and pepper. Let it boiled for a while.
When the Chicken is cooked enough take it out from the stock to make topping

Rice Poridge:
Wash the rice and put it in the chicken stock (after the chicken pieces are out from the pan)
Let it boiled away. Feel free to add water when you want more watery rice.
Noting can go wrong in making rice porridge (except if you burn it)

While the porridge is boiling in the pan, we will make the topping

Make the topping :
Shred the cooked chicken pieces - or diced it -
(Don't throw the chicken bones. Put them back in the pan to boil with the porridge.)
Put the butter in a frying pan and sizzle onion.
Put the Shred chicken pieces and keep turning it until it browned.
Put the Sweet Soy Sauce as desired as well as the salt and pepper.

When Serving put the topping and sprinkle some spring onion.
Also fav toppings are Shrimp Crackers, fried onion and thinly sliced omlette

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