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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Es Pisang Ijo // "Banana in Green Pancake Dessert"

I am so excited for this month theme of Masak bareng Yuuk!!! "Aneka Masakan Berbahan Dasar Pisang"
I thought of several different dishes but my sister's picture of Es Pisang Ijo she made in Holland got me drooling all over. Thus I decided to make my take of Es Pisang Ijo.

Es Pisang Ijo is basically steamed Banana wrapped in green pancake served with coconut milk thick custard and topped with crushed ice and milk drizzle. It's popular and delicious Indonesian Desert or snack.
In Ambon, Es Pisang Ijo is almost immediately  associated with Pemuda Bakery. The yumminess of Es Pisang Ijo Pemuda is indeed on my mind when I made my version. Only this is Es Pisang Ijo ala Helena's Kitchen in Brighton, UK.

LOL!!!... I was already a bit hungry when I made the green pancake and got very impatient when taking picture with a rumbling tum. One, because it smell and look delicious and because obviously I am Hungry. So here's the pictures and recipe.... Happy Cooking!!!

For Green Pancake:
1 cup All Purpose Flour
11/2 cup milk or water mix with 3 tsp of Pandan paste or essence
1 egg
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp of oil to grease the pan

Mix flour, salt, sugar and egg then pour milk. Mix well until there's no lumps in the batter.
The batter should be runny to make nice thin pancake.
Heat a non-stick pan, add few drops of oil to grease the surface.
Pour 1 ladle of pancake batter, swivel around to make pancake. Cook 1-2 min on each side.

For Thick Coconut milk Custard
400 ml coconut milk (I use canned one - 300ml mix with 100ml water)
25 gr Rice flour
4 tbsp granulated sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 Pandan leaf, bruised and tied together

Put the Rice Flour in medium non stick pan with sugar and salt.
Add the coconut milk slowly while mixing it until smooth.
Put the pandan leaf in and continue stiring over medium heat.
When the batter thickened and smooth, take it off the heat.

For Banana
I use 2 ripe Pisang Tanduk or yellow plantains. much better if they are soft to the touch when you buy it.

Simply peel the banans, cut them in half or in three and steam for 5 minutes.

1 cup of crushed ice per serving
Cocopandan or Strawberry syrup
Condensed Milk

(Ps. I cannot find Cocopandan or Strawberry Syrup in Brighton so I made my own simple syrup. simply boil 1 cup of water with 1 cup of sugar. Add 2 drops of strawberry essence and 2 drop of red food coloring. Let it simmer for 15 min over medium heat)

How to Serve:
1. Wrap the steamed banana in green pancake
2. Put it on a bowl or deep plate and cut it bite size
3. Topped with Coconut Milk Custard and Crushed Ice
4. Pour Cocopandan or strawberry syrup
5. Drizzle Condensed milk on top

ENJOY a Blissful Dessert!!


  1. halooo Helena,
    Thanks ya udah ikutan MasBar bulan Juli :)
    Es Pisang Ijonya nyegerin banget tuh...
    semoga share resepnya bermanfaat buat teman2 ya..
    ditunggu partisipasinya lg di masbar berikutnya :)

    Salam MasBar,

  2. What a coincidence! I made es pallu butung while you made es pisang ijo for masbar.

  3. @ MasBar : My pleasure!!! Saya jadi lebih semangat nungguin next monthly theme nih

    @ Mbak Peppy : He-eh, Aku baru liat juga tadi. Beti - beda tipis tampilannya... hehehehe

  4. hi helena...
    just enjoying ur blog...
    nice recipe...

  5. yummie..
    keliatan nya enak banget..
    makasih ya dah share resepnya..

  6. Es Pisang ijo Paling enak se Jakarta ada di Condet cuma 5ribu perak



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