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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kacang Ijo Halia // Ginger Mungbean

I made this yesterday when Simon is busy catching up his dissertation deadline and I am 1 day away from my due date. Both of us are very anxious. Simon promised to finsih his dissertation before the baby goes into labour. Poor husband of mine is doing all he can to get ahead of time. Unfortunatelly, he started to feel unwell, a bit feverish. The temperature was dropping so it does feel a bit nippy. I suddenly remember that mung bean is good for health and having it with ginger will warm your body and provide extra energy.
I do not use exact measurement... so it's up to your liking for the taste

2 handful of Mung bean
a big chunk (app. 3 tbsp) palm sugar - or ordinary sugar will also works
2 glass of water (app. 400ml)
1 tsp salt
2 cm ginger, crushed
Condensed milk to serve with

1. Wash and boil mung bean with crushed ginger with 2 glass of water until the beans breaks and tender - feel free to add more water if the mung bean is not yet breaks and tender
2. Add Palm sugar and salt to taste.
3. To serve : ladle mung bean to a glass and drizzle condense milk to your desire.

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