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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nasi Pulut Siram Gula // Glutinous Rice with Coconut and Palm Sugar Sauce

Aaahhh This is this morning breakfast. Remind me of Ambon.
Of course, the sugar I use is not Gula Merah Saparua. but it was OK.
I somehow cook the glutinous rice a bit too soft but all in all... it was yummy.

250 gr Glutinous Rice
1 pandan leave
1/2 coconut, grated
200 gr Palm Sugar
2 cups of water

1. RICE: Wash and soak glutinous rice for 1 - 2 hours. Then drain it and put in rice cooker with a little salt and pandan leave tied in knots. Add the water according to the direction of your rice cooker. But I might remind you not too put too much. Glutinous rice is often too mushy
2. COCONUT: Grate the coconut then steam it with a little salt
3. PALM SUGAR SAUCE : Shave the palm sugar or cut them in smaller bits. Add water and let it boil until the palm sugar chunks dissolve in water. You can add piece of pandan leave too to make it fragrant.

Serve it with glutinous rice topped with steamed coconut and drizzle with palm sugar sauce.

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