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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perkedel // Frikadeller // Potato Crocquet

My 17 months old little girl loves Perkedel. She is a very picky eater and just develop her appetite back. So I decided to make this for her. Now, there are 2 things that got me slightly unmotivated. I usually failed to produce a fine perkedel - it always decided to disintegrate and turnd into mushy piles in my wok once they were put in hot oil and that we're still living in a rented room with no kitchen and let alone stove or proper cooking device... except for my mighty rice cooker... and so on ....yada yada yada yada.... I am just making excuses for myself.

Anyway, for the love of Tania and may she ate heartily... I decided to drag my lazy self and start making on perkedel. It turned out brilliantly!!! I ate 1/4th of them all of course... hehehehe....

For the picture props, I used Tania's small play plate, fork and spoon.

Lesson of the day: Failure only exist if you fail to try and try again... hehehehe

Source: Seri Menu Shari-hari - Yasa Boga

300 gr of Tess Potato, Peeled
1 Egg yolk
1 tbsp fried onion, grinded
1/4 tsp Ground white pepper
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp Ground Nutmeg
 1 or 2 parsley, finely chopped
1 egg whites, scrambled
1/2 Small can of Corned  beef - or to your liking
Vegetable Oil

1. Fried or Steam the potatoes until soft. Mashed white it is hot
2. add the corned beef, egg yolk, ground fried onion, parsley, salt, pepper, nutmeg.
3. Mix well until it can be shaped
4. Take about 1 tsp or 1 tbsp (depend on how big you want your perkedel) and shape it like a ball then flattened it a little bit
5. Meanwhile heat the oil
6. Dip the shaped potato mix in to the egg white and the fry until golden.

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